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Off-page SEO

Off-page optimization represents the marketing strategy based on business analysis and competition study, Google indexation, listings in the directories, link building and all the other activities that will be performed without doing any changes to the site. The purpose of off-page SEO is to increase site’s visibility online.

The strategies and procedures used for off-page SEO are not related to the structure or the content of the site. Off-page SEO strategies are an important tool because if used correctly they can contribute to a better ranking for the site in search results. But, at the same time, if the site is using them abusively they can work against the site.

Once the on-page SEO stage is completed, our team of SEO specialists will generate links from other sites leading to your site. To see improved results, the links need to be of a good quality and in big numbers.

Here are some of the off-page SEO methods we will use to increase your online visibility:

  • Listings in web directories
  • Writing and publishing articles and blog posts on other sites that will have links to your site
  • Ad listings on other sites
  • Publishing press releases on important sites

Important facts to consider for off-page SEO:

  • How many links lead to your site
  • What texts are used when linking to your page
  • What is the PR of the site sending links to your site
  • How relevant is for search engines the site linking to your sites

Off-page SEO is an important step of the marketing campaign and it is important that a team of professionals are doing their best to help your site achieve better ranking in Google results listing.

What We Do

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