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The Continuing Rise of Content

The new year is firmly underway, and if you haven’t started thinking about your marketing strategies for the next few months, you’re way behind. We can help speed things up a little bit, though, because there are already a few rock-solid things to know about 2015: One, the Internet of Things is a real thing you should be paying attention to, and two, content is not only going to continue to be important – it’s going to become even more important.

We should note: These two things are related.


The Internet of Things for the Win

You may have already heard the phrase ‘the Internet of things,’ but do you know what it really means? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a simple concept, really: An increasing number of ‘things’ are being connected to the Internet in smart and interactive ways. Cars. Thermostats. Coffee makers. Appliances – you name it, and someone is dreaming up a way of connecting it to the Internet.

What this means is that there are an increasing number of delivery points for your marketing and presence. Where once there was just the desktop, then the desktop and the laptop, then the desktop, laptop, and phone, then all of those plus tablets, in short order your customers and potential customers will be reachable on just about everything, from their fitness trackers to their watches to their daily commute.

Content is Emperor

This means in turn that content, always considered King, is being promoted, so we might as well say ‘content is emperor’ from now on. Because all of those connected ‘things’ out there represent an opportunity for your branded, high-quality content to be served up to your customers, both existing and potential. Not getting your content out onto the IoT could cost you big time in terms of lost opportunity.

But the IoT isn’t the same as the traditional screens you’ve been pushing content to for years. The screens, displays, and platforms are different – and the ways people interact with them are different. So you’re not going to simply take all the content you created in 2014 and easily toss it up onto the IoT. It would be like pounding a square peg into a round hole.


Yes, that means: More content, specifically targeted towards new platforms.

And that’s why content is going to increase in importance. You’ll have more opportunities than ever before to engage customers and create conversion opportunities – but that will require you to tailor more content in specific ways in order to be effective at it. So if you’ve been dreaming of the days you can stop maintaining a blog or producing new content on a steady basis, give it up – content is not only not going anywhere, it’s only getting more important.

That’s where we can help, of course. We specialize in content management and all aspects of your marketing and design. Click here and let’s have a discussion about what content you’ll need in 2015, and where you can get it from.

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