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5 Tips and Tricks for a Successful Engagement Marketing Strategy

We have just discussed what the importance of engagement marketing is and why it is important for any business to dedicate some time and resources to develop a real engagement marketing strategy. For today’s article we thought we should give you more insights about this hot topic and also some tips and tricks for a successful engagement marketing campaign or strategy.

Tips and Tricks for a successful engagement marketing strategy:

1. Consider the post details. We are talking here about frequency, length of the text and the time of the day chosen for posting. The content/ message is the most important, of course, but a relationship can only be built in time, so the frequency of your posts is just as important as your actual words. The length of the text you publish on your social media channels or on your blog is another aspect to pay attention too. Some sites only allow a specific number of characters, for others is just not recommended to write an essay as the reach might drop dramatically. The moment you decide to post is a factor too, it makes a big difference if you’re posting on Facebook in the middle of the night or early morning. Also, it is important to know that some days are just better than others in getting engagement from the visitors so don’t despair if you have just had a bad social media day!

2. Give something in return. And we’re not talking about random acts of kindness here, but about loyalty rewards program well set in place. The focus here shouldn’t be getting as many likes or followers as possible, but building a strong, long-lasting relationship with your clients and potential clients. Offer them something valuable so they will take some of their precious time and engage with your brand. Show them that their involvement is highly appreciated.

3. Help them engage. The contest with prizes that requires them to actively participate in developing your brand is a good option here. Ask for their input for your marketing actions and reward them with prizes.

4. Concentrate on polls and surveys. Actually, better yet, you should also focus on open questions and invitations, anything that needs their answer. Asking the question in the right way will make them engage.
Don’t forget the call to action. In all your marketing efforts, you should be clear what kind of responses you’d like to achieve from your visitors or followers. Be specific about how you would like them to engage and also make sure they have the means to do so.

5. Don’t forget the call to action. In all your marketing efforts, you should be clear what kind of responses you’d like to achieve from your visitors or followers. Be specific about how you would like them to engage and also make sure they have the means to do so.

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Engagement Marketing

Have you heard of this before? Engagement marketing? Maybe you haven’t heard the words before, but you have seen it at work. Maybe you were jealous too on how good that campaign was performing and even asked yourself or your marketing specialist why your campaigns never get viral or memorable. Well, if that campaign was created with the help of their customers and based on their engagement with the advertised brand, it was successful due to a successful engagement marketing strategy and not just sheer luck.

Once the social media wave hit us, we started to interact differently with our friends, with the brands we love or hate, with everyone present there. So the companies interested in selling their products and services needed to start communicating with us, the potential client, differently. If before the communication was coming from an emitter, and we were all receivers unable to respond directly (newspaper ads, TV commercials, etc.), now we can react to every word, action, picture and video we see posted online by a particular company or brand.


So what is engagement marketing?

A term that is used more and more these days, despite what you might think! Engagement marketing is based on a strategy that has a participative dimension; it involves an active reply or reaction from the target audience. The fans and followers on social media channels are actively participating in the marketing strategy due to their relationship with the brand. And by doing this, they act as brand ambassadors and their connection to the brand only gets stronger. It is smart, isn’t it? Just have a look at Pepsi’s Facebook account and you will see what we mean.

How can you benefit from a real engagement marketing campaign?

Would you like your visitors to promote your products or services to their friends or families? Because this is the kind of thing that engagement marketing can lead to.

  • Engagement marketing creates a unique, personalized experience for each user or visitor;
  • The communication is accordingly to the values and mission of the company;
  • Healthy relationships are built between the advertised brand and its social media fans and followers.

Engagement marketing also has an interesting answer to dealing with customers complaints: instead of providing a support phone line or email address, all it’s done online and in a place where other people can see. The benefit of this transparency is that it leads to trust in the brand and the values it represents. A client doesn’t need to rely only on a brand’s promise; he can live it hence improving the relationship with that brand. Feeling that your opinion matters for a big company creates a positive attitude towards that company.

Would you like to see what an engagement marketing campaign can do for your online business? Give us a call today for a quote!

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