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Get More Traffic – the Blog

Maybe you have an online shop that sells products or a presentation site for your services and you consider it is enough to build a strong online presence. But the truth is that any online business or site can benefit from having a blog. It can be used for all sorts of purposes from internal communication ones to enhancing your company’s image and visibility online.

Blogs are usually seen as the place where you go to read news and updated information that can be published even multiple times per day.


Why do you need a company blog now?

  • To share more details about your company or business with your clients, partners and stakeholders;
  • It can help you build trust in the company’s imagine and services;
  • It can improve your search engine optimization results because it is fresh content published regularly;
  • Get more traffic for your site when your blog will start showing up in Google searches;
  • Increase sales through building brand awareness.

It is a well-known fact that a blog can attract more traffic just because it is easier to be indexed by the search engines and usually because it has links pointing to it from social media networks and other blogs or sites. So a reader will get to the blog because he found an interesting article and from there he can go see the company’s site, found out even more information about the products or services provided and it can even become a client straight away.

There are still some important things to remember when starting a blog for your site, some golden rules that can make the difference in between success and failure.

Things to consider when starting your blog:

  • The content you publish on the blog needs to be of high quality and not plagiarized;
  • The blog posts should be relevant for your business and interesting for your audience;
  • You can discuss hot topics of the moment or celebrities (that will drive traffic through SEO), but make sure you relate it in one way or the other to your company or your domain;
  • Optimize your blog for search engines too; it is an investment that will pay off in time;
  • Use the company’s visual signs for the blog too (logo, trademarks, colors, fonts) as the blog should be identified as connected to your site and company and not a stand-alone.

If you would like to take the first step towards better online visibility and brand awareness, please feel free contact us now. Our team of professionals will help you improve your digital marketing results in no time at all.

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