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Online Reputation Management

Do you know what people are saying about you or your business online? Online reputation is not about what you tell them is about what they think of you.

To build an online reputation for a person or a company takes time and effort. It also takes a lot of knowledge. The good news is that a good online reputation can do magic for your online business, can build trust and thus increase sales. There are many companies that didn’t see the importance of good online reputation and let negative reviews and comments damage the business before taking any steps to correct the wrong. It is not easy to make bad reviews disappear and deleting them is definitely not an option. If it was posted, it will stay there, the only thing you can do is fight it with many more positive reviews and implementing an online brand reputation management strategy.


Important steps for an online reputation strategy:

  • A top position in search results

    Make sure you use SEO efficiently as to get a top position in Google searches. This way what you want to say will get a better visibility than what the others want to say about you or your business.

  • Focus on positive reviews

    If your site doesn’t have a reviews option, try to implement it. If that’s not possible, use the social media networks to ask for reviews from satisfied clients and business partners. Don’t let a negative review bring you down but invest time in getting positive reviews.

  • Be active on the social media networks:

    Give people the opportunity of giving you feedback by using the social media sites. If negative comments appear, answer them in a calm and respectful manner. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep a clear head in dealing with unsatisfied clients; this is why you need to choose wisely your social media manager. Always work with professionals for best results.

  • Monitor your brand reputation:

    Over the years, we have had clients that used to spend many hours on Google trying to find information about their company and how people see it. What they learnt after working with us is that there are tools we use to monitor daily the online brand reputation and it can be just as easy as receiving a weekly report when you are dealing with SEO specialists that have the know-how required.

Here, at Worldwide Corporate, we have a team of skilled SEO experts and social media professionals that can assist you in creating a good online reputation for your company and managing it efficiently. Don’t miss the opportunity of creating a strong brand for your business that can lead to more sales and happy clients, call us today for a quote!

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