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Keeping It Simple: Web Design without Fluff

A great website does not need to be complicated to look great and function well. Web design should not be about showing off fancy visual tricks, and content should be devoid of fluffy sentences and lengthy paragraphs. Less is more when it comes to websites, because web users are time poor. They may want something, but they want it now, and because of this they love a simple website that gets straight to the point.

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Business owners who are ready to create their first website, or revamp their existing website, may have many features and ideas that they want to include. Even some web designers or online marketing consultants will pressure their clients to include the latest tricks and gimmicks into their website, but this can backfire and result in a website that is too cluttered, too complicated and frustrating for visitors to use.

Define Your Goals

Instead of starting a website by listing the features you would like it to include in it, consider your goals instead. What are you trying to achieve through your website? Would you like more sales in your online store? Do you want people to read your blogs? Are you hoping for visitors to connect through social e-mail or sign up to your newsletter? Would you like your visitors to get in their cars and visit or office or shop?

Each business will have different objectives for their website, but the design and content should be chosen specifically to achieve these. Avoid investing in ideas or cluttering up your website with features that are unrelated to your goals. Just because an idea is the latest trend or another business is using it, this does not mean it will work for your own business too.

Communicate Quickly and Simply

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Web users crave information that is delivered to them quickly and in a straight forward fashion. They do not want to follow links and scroll down pages to find the information they need. Indulge your visitors with simplicity and give them what they want to read on the home page, in simple sentences and direct words. Craft an appropriate tagline or slogan. Reduce your business description to a short paragraph. Redesign your logo so everyone can tell exactly what you do. Make your contact details big, bold and impossible to avoid.

A great web designer will know how to achieve your business goals and communicate the important information to your website visitors, without fuss or fluff. They will respect your copywriting and content, integrate images that help sell your products and or services, and encourage consumers to contact you quickly with the intent of making a purchase.

Simplicity in web design is golden, so throw away your complicated and convoluted ideas and get straight to the point with your important messages, because that’s what your website visitors want you to do.

Do you need help with a new website in Scottsdale, Arizona? Are you ready for real results and increased sales? Talk to us today and we can create something magical.

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