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Is Your SEO Company Doing a Good Job?

If you are asking yourself this question, it is a good indication that the company you hired to help with SEO is not really doing enough for your site. Search engine optimization is a time consuming task that also requires lots of resources and knowledge. Programmers, designers and content managers are all involved in creating and implementing a good SEO strategy. So if the SEO company you hired has just 2 employees and one is the administrative assistant, it’s another sign that maybe you are looking for help where non can be provided. And sometimes, hiring the wrong people for your SEO campaigns can do you more harm than good as Google penalties can be as harsh as completely elimination of your site from search results.

Our recommendation is to always work with experienced professionals with a proven track record and always choose a company and not an individual (one person can hardly fill in all the roles needed for the job).

How can you tell if the SEO company you hired is doing enough for your site?

  • Objectives

Set up goals and deadlines and make sure they know what your expectations are. If they promise certain results within a specific time frame and they fail to deliver, ask for justifications why and set another deadline. If the second deadline agreed is missed, you should consider ending the contract with them.

  • Recommendations

Does the company you are working with have good recommendation from past clients? Have you seen their portfolio yet? Ask them for detailed case studies and past experiences to make sure you hired experienced professionals.

  • Strategies

It is important to know what SEO strategies they will use to get you the best possible results: will there be any changes to the source code, new meta tags, any copywriting or an improved navigation? As we’ve mentioned before, SEO campaigns are a mix of strategies and don’t rely on just one approach.

  • Visitors

When we are talking about local business, it’s very common for them to get more general traffic after starting a SEO campaign. But that traffic doesn’t translate into more sales. If that’s the issue, again, you should fire the SEO company as they should have focused on local searches to bring in relevant visitors.

  • Prices and Measurable Results

Many times clients are tempted to choose the SEO companies that have the lowest rates not knowing that this usually means that they just don’t have the men power or the tools to deliver the best results. Measurable results are a valuable investment as you will never have to ask yourself again if they are doing enough or not.

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