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Going Clear: Using Video Marketing and Promotion

We can all think of examples of truly awful local television commercials – the local car dealership with their terrible graphics and stiff acting, or the local hair salon with public domain classical music playing over poorly-lit scenes of women getting their hair done. These commercials may be effective at getting the business name into the consciousness of the local market, but they’re not very good at branding.


Part of the problem these businesses run into with video advertising is the costs: In order to create a video suitable for television (and that justifies the still-high cost of buying air time), the commercial has to have a minimum production value. Unfortunately, most local businesses in Scottsdale, Arizona and elsewhere stick with that minimum, resulting in cheap-looking and poorly conceived commercials.

Internet Video

That might make you think that creating video marketing and promotional assets for the Internet is a bad idea, too – but the metrics are completely different:

  • Standards are much lower on the Internet in terms of video quality and the expectations of the audience. While both are slowly rising, people still accept a much ‘rougher’ look and feel in their Internet videos, especially if they are entertaining.
  • What’s considered acceptable in terms of tone and subject matter is a much larger pool on the Internet than on television. This is due in part to television being a passive medium where commercials are ‘pushed’ at people who might not wish to see them, while Internet video usually requires an ‘opt in’ click.
  • Costs are much lower: An effective video can be created for the Internet at a much lower cost than for television.

Rules for Effective Video


If your Scottsdale, Arizona business is considering a video promotion or marketing effort, there are a few things to consider:

  • While Internet marketing can be a bit more shaggy than television advertising, this doesn’t mean it can be incompetent: Work with an experienced company to craft a coherent and well-made video, even if the production values are low.
  • While the production values can be modest, the video should be output and uploaded at the highest possible quality. Customers have devices that display Internet video at very high resolution.
  • Short is sweet: Internet videos should not stray far from the one minute mark unless you are extremely confident in your execution.
  • Don’t expect virality: The ‘viral’ video is always bandied about, but viral videos are usually not effective advertising, and it’s very difficult to attain ‘viral’ status. Your goal should be entertaining, informative, and brand-positive.
  • Simple: The more stripped-down and simple the concept is, the more effective the video will be – and the less likely it will become a subject of scorn.

Video is the future! More and more of the traffic on the Internet is in the form of video, and by partnering with a firm that has experience both producing and promoting web video, you can cut through the noise of the Internet and get some real exposure for your business.

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