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Design for Credibility: How to Fight a High Bounce Rate

We must have mentioned this before a few thousand times but we will do it again, just to make sure: the design of your website is very important to build credibility.

It is a well-known fact that the first impression is important and it is just the same things with the sites. The user ran a google search and found your site. He gets to your site but the design doesn’t inspire enough credibility so he leaves. So your site has a huge bounce rate, what do you do then? The first step would be to check if there are any design or usability mistakes or problems.

Other reasons for a high bounce rate can also be:

  • User didn’t find on the page the information he was looking for;
  • User was looking for a product or service in his local area and you had a general listing;
  • The keywords didn’t reflect well the content of that page.


But as we have already said, the first thing to do is ask a specialist to have a look at the design of the site. Sometimes we get so used to the site we manage that is difficult for us to see the issues with it. We find it attractive, but do the users find it credible?

The lack of credibility that can come due to design mistakes can seriously impact on your sales. If the site doesn’t look good enough it can literally chase visitors away, despite all your efforts and investments in good quality content and impeccable client service experience.

What good design will do for your site is to create a strong feeling of trust and confidence that will determine the visitor to take the next step and convert into a client.

Once you have looked at the design issue and talked to a specialist about how you can improve it, the next step would be to check if your site is loading fast enough. Most of us are tight with our time and nowadays few people will wait for a site to load if it fails to do so instantly. If your tracking code is set up at the beginning of the page, it will load before of the content and show you a visit, but if the content or images didn’t load, it is really just a visit in the numbers as the visitor didn’t get to see the actual content.

If you have everything covered so far, the next question to ask yourself (or a specialist) is whether your site is interactive or not. Does it convert visitors to clients in just a few clicks or the ordering process is way too complicated for the users to bother with it. Also related to the interaction and how responsive the design is, we have the style of the site. Does it speak the same language as your potential clients?

During these days and in a highly competitive market it is difficult for a business owner or web manager to properly check all the details. We suggest you get a specialist to help you with this instead of spending time and resources doing something you are not specialized in. Give us a call today and we’ll give you more recommendations about how to design your site from credibility!

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