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Writing Your Company’s About Page

When a visitor to a website wants to know more about the company that owns it, they will go straight to the about page. The purpose of this page is to simply and concisely explain who the people are behind the organisation, what they do, who they do it for, and why they do it.

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The history of a company is also important to include. Is this a new start-up venture that has only launched recently, or have they been around for decades and have a solid reputation within the community? Neither situation is better or worse, but a brief history of the company and the number of years they have been in service will help paint a better picture for the people visiting the site.

Your Point Of Difference

Each company is unique and has a point of difference. The writer of an about page should know what this is, and be able to communicate it clearly in only a few words. When writing, try to avoid gimmicky sales techniques, but instead confidently state the facts. Statistics may be used minimally, but make them captivating and most certainly relevant.

Just like a person has a unique personality, so does a company, so use language that will convey this personality when you write the page. Make the page memorable, and allow visitors to leave knowing exactly what is so special about you.

Introduce Your Team

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The Internet can at times be impersonal, so introducing your team of workers on your about page is a great idea. A company with many employees may only include the directors and or people of influence within the company, but a small to medium-sized business can list everyone involved. Choose engaging and professional photographs of each person individually, or hire a creative photographer to capture your entire team in a group photo.

Visitors to the website will be impressed by the personal touch of a team photo, and be intrigued to see the people behind the business. You may even like to take a few photos of your office or work place for the about page, to further demonstrate your company’s style and personality.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is essential, so you should be able to squeeze all of this information into a few paragraphs and one or two images. Take the time to express your ideas effectively, but efficiently so you are maximising the space you have on the page, and the time a visitor has to spend viewing the page.

A company about page is one of the most important features of a website, so place it as a high priority throughout the web design process. It should look great and communicate the company’s message clearly.

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