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The Importance of Video Marketing in Social Media

Everybody knows by now that social media users don’t enjoy reading long texts. More than this, most of the times they avoid it by all means, even moving on to other pages. How do we know this for sure? Well, aside from studies and research, we have all done it… didn’t you do the same?

Nowadays instant gratification is the name of the game; we are not willing to invest any more of our time than necessary to get where we need to be. In terms of social media, this translates into eye-catching photos and images, videos and anything that is more than just plain text. We are living in the world where the winner is the one that can deliver the quickest, offers instant feedback and provides useful and fresh information in an appealing way.

So, you have a cool message, and your product or company is doing amazing stuff but still you don’t see any engagement with your fans and followers on social media networks. This is where we come and tell you that it is not only about the content, but also how you wrap it up and serve it to your visitors. A good question to ask yourself, or us for that matter, is “Am I boring?”. It is not condescending, and the question serves a good purpose. If you, as owner of the site or the marketing professional in charge with the social media campaign, are not happy to read what you post, if you don’t feel like answering your question with enthusiasms, then it is very likely no one else will.

Don’t get us wrong, content is the king when it comes to social media channels and an essential step in your marketing campaign.We are just sharing with you what the social media experts recommend:

Short texts, on the topic and highly illustrated. If you can replace the text with an image, even better. If you can replace the text with a video, it’s the best!

Aside from attracting the visitors to see your page and like your content, the video can also bring in more traffic while using the video sharing networks like Youtube, for example. SEO is just as important for video marketing as it is for every other part of your online work, so keep this in mind when you are naming your videos and writing their descriptions. Organic traffic can come from here in time, we are talking about weeks, months and even years, but it can also lead to a viral spread like we’ve seen it happening before.

When video marketing is involved, it’s not only a question of how big is your budget, but also how creative are the people you are working with. Most of the videos that go viral are based on a genius idea rather than 100 people working on it and millions spent in the making off. At the same time, we have seen amazing videos (usually the one’s for Super Bowl) where lots of money and creativity was put into them for a fabulous result. We all remember them, but we never knew what product or company was it about… so not too great in terms of return on investment…

Video marketing can be also used for personal and professional branding, it is a well-known fact that people prefer to buy from or work with people they like. By using a video, it can be easier to express yourself without the constraints of a short text.

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