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5 Things to Avoid Doing on Social Media

Whether we like it or not, social media has become an important part of our lives. The digital revolution changed both the way people interact as well as brand’s communication strategies. In most cases it is only a question of having the right attitude that makes the difference in between success and failure. For today, we have prepared a list with five things to avoid doing on social media:

1. Don’t write things that are not correct

Or, in simpler words, we could say “don’t lie”, the internet never forgets and never forgives. Don’t present false information and don’t take on responsibilities that you know you can’t honor. Once you have been accused of being not honest, it will take a while to get your fans and followers trust back. Always count on transparency and back the information you provide with facts.

2. Don’t quit

Once you have decided to start social media accounts, you have to respect your fans and followers enough to offer them consistency in your online presence. We are not suggesting you should post every hour, but don’t make the mistake of abandoning the community you have started.

3. Don’t be arrogant

Even if you are “THE ONE” in your field, there is no need to say it like this. Treat your fans and followers, in the same manner, you would like them to treat you and don’t force your leadership on them. If it comes naturally, that’s great, if not, work harder to become an authority for them.

4. Don’t put value only on quantity

While it is important to set up goals that are specific and measurable, don’t go to extremes and put numbers on everything. Quantity is only relevant if the quality is at a high level. Otherwise, it doesn’t mean much, and it won’t change the results of your marketing campaign.

5. Don’t waste time

And here we’re talking about both your time and your fans and followers. Why open up several brand accounts when you have limited time and resources to put into them? Why have people receiving similar information from multiple news feeds? Our suggestion is to concentrate on what is the core of your business in social media and invest all your time and resources into it.

These are just five of the most important things that you should avoid doing on social media, there are many others, and we will deal with them in separate blog posts. Meanwhile, use common sense when managing the social media accounts, it is a good rule of thumb.

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How to Create a Successful Social Media Plan

We could easily say that the secret behind any successful social media campaign is planning it right. Because every channel offers unique benefits, the tendency is to open accounts on all of them. And this is not a bad thing, but in doing this, we will need to remember that each social media site will need a different strategy that is compatible with the platform. In the end, the purpose of the social media page is to create and develop relationships with clients and potential clients that are based on communication and engagement.

The studies in the field show that more than 35% of consumers are using the social media networks to discover new brands, products or services. Having a Facebook page or a Twitter or Google+ account and not posting on it regularly can have damaging effects on your business. So the first rule of success in social media is “Be there” and the second might be “Engage”.

Tips and tricks for successful social media planning:

Choose the social media sites wisely

If you don’t have the time or resources to be present everywhere, then just be where your presence will be appreciated the most. Where is your audience spending time? Is it mostly on Facebook.com or Pinterest.com or Instagram.com? Choose just a few of the social media sites when starting your campaign and if you are comfortable in adding more sites, you can do this later on. But never compromise when it comes to quality over quantity. You fans and followers deserve to get fresh content on each platform, so make sure you can provide it.

Set up your campaign goals

We just can’t say this enough! Setting up the goals is an essential part of the marketing campaign and only after you know where you want to go, you can actually start planning the trip. To help you set up goals, you can check competitors’ social media accounts and see how they are doing regarding fans and followers, as well as engagement and publishing rate. If they are posting three times a day on each channel and their response time to comments is less than an hour, then you will need to do the same, or accept the fact that it might take you longer to get to the same number of fans and followers as they have. It is, again, only a question of resources and how much you want to invest to reach your marketing or sales goals.

Keep a good ratio in between content and advertising

The specialists agree that a good proportion would be 70-30, so 70% of all the content you post should be interesting to your fans or followers and engaging while just 30% should be promotional materials. This way you will be able to attract followers due to the interesting content you post, not many people will be eager to subscribe or follow a company account that only posts advertising materials.

If you need help with your social media planning, contact us today!


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Google Plus for Business

We have already talked about the importance of posting on different social media sites, at different time intervals and in a way that is suitable for every site. Even if we call them all “social media sites,” each and every one of them has its own specifics, a set of rules and best practices, as well as suggestions and recommendations from the experts. Considering these is the first step in achieving success with our social media marketing campaign.

Just like the site and the blog, the social media profile is an essential part of our company’s online identity that we are trying to promote. It is important not to copy paste everything from one site to the Google + account (and the same goes for the other social media accounts too). As each site is different, for each of them we will need to create new visual elements that will be able to attract attention is a way that is suitable for that site. At the same time, if you want potential clients to follow more than one of your social media accounts, you will need to give them different content and provide unique experiences on each of those sites.

So, how do we use Google Plus for business?

Create your company’s page on google+

Make sure you choose the correct category for your brand and add all the information required (name, site, age restrictions, etc.). In the next page, you will need to introduce the tag, motto, short description of your company, the phone number, and e-mail address. Make sure you keep the tag line short, you can use approximately ten words.

Personalize your google+ company’s page

Next step would be to add a cover photo and edit the About section. Don’t miss any sections on your page, a complete profile is always inspiring more trust than a half completed one. But, at the same time, remember what we discussed before and don’t even be tempted to copy-paste texts from your site or other social media accounts. Ask for the help of a copywriter or a social media expert to help with the texts if you feel that you lack in creativity. You will write those texts just once, and it is crucial they represent your company in the best possible way.

Use the design to promote your products or services

There is nothing wrong to use advertising materials as cover photos, just make sure the design will look appealing to your followers. Don’t forget to add your company’s logo and a call to action. As it is the case with everything else on the social media channels, remember that moderation is the key to success, so don’t overdo it with the advertising.

Start posting on google+

Once you are pleased with the google+ page you created for your company, you can start posting. Of course, a publishing calendar will come in handy, and it will help you maintain the consistency required.

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Social Media Can Help Boost Your Career

Each and every one of us has a professional goal and to get there we use different methods. Some would try job sites to look for new opportunities while others would ask their friends and relatives.

Social media has been lately a tool used by both the recruiters and people looking for work that has proven highly efficient. Having a good profile on social media sites has become more and more important for people who want to get to the next level of their career. The recruiters can look up information about people who applied for their jobs to see if they are a good fit or not. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still use your social media profile for personal matters, just make sure the personal one is private and you have a public profile too for recruiters and potential business partners to check.

How to create a professional profile

Here you have three options; you can start a blog, a site or just the social media sites. Whichever you choose, make sure there are plenty of information about you and your professional experience and area of expertise there. When thinking about places like Linkedin.com, who target working professionals, you will also need to get recommendations and endorsements from people you’ve worked for or co-workers. With a proper Linkedin.com profile, you really don’t need another CV or recommendation letter as the site will show this information. Always use a profile picture that shows you in a professional manner. Not having a picture is not recommended and having a photo with you out on the beach is just not an option.

Networking through social media channels

Social media sites are used by professionals and companies alike to promote their business, so if you are looking for a new job opportunity or a new business partner, this is one way to get it for sure. The success rate to boost your career through social media sites comes from the limitless opportunity to network with people from the same industry. There are groups that you can join, both on facebook.com and linkedin.com thus helping you get in touch with people who can be beneficial for your career.

Linkedin.com is the largest social media network for professionals so here you can meet all sorts of people from CEO to consultants and specialists. The secret to using it proficiently to boost your career is not only to connect with lots of people but also to be a part of an active network. Keep informed on your line of work, offer suggestion and ideas, write posts and engage with others on the topics that interest you.

Your connections here tell a story about who you are professionally too. While it might be tempting to go out there and ask everyone to connect and accept all invitations it is wise to filter your connections. Try to connect only with people who are active and have an important role in the companies they are working for. While on facebook.com you’ll want to be friends with your neighbor from 12 years ago, on Linkedin.com you really need to consider things and people depending on their work influence.

Tips and tricks to boost your career through social media:

–   Engage with people on a daily or weekly basis;

–   Go to events;

–   Join groups;

–   Contact specialists and introduce yourself;

–   Once connected, make sure you maintain those relationships;

–   Hire a social media expert to do it all for you if you lack the time or don’t feel comfortable doing this.


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