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The Best SEO Strategy

You have tried SEO, and it didn’t have the expected results. Hence, you decided that you didn’t follow the best SEO strategy. You have talked to SEO experts, and they told you that you need to implement the best SEO strategy for your site. All these speak of the best SEO strategy makes it sound like there is such a thing when actually, there is not. It might be difficult to digest, but to be completely honest, there is no best SEO strategy to work for every business. Each site is different, has particular strengths and weaknesses, different needs, and specific goals. This is the reason the search engine optimization strategy should be custom for each client’s needs.

Once we have decided there is no best SEO strategy, one size fits all, we also need to tell you that there is, however, a set of golden rules that, if followed correctly, can lead to a successful implementation of an SEO strategy.

Golden rules for best SEO practices:

  1. Set your objectives

Embarking on a journey without establishing clear expectations might end up in disappointment, not because SEO didn’t work, but because the goals were not set correctly. This is an important step to take, especially if you are working with an SEO company. Discuss together your objectives and the expectations you have from each other. Otherwise, the working relationship can be compromised soon in the process.

  1. SEO Analysis

Before starting the journey, you need to know exactly on what point you are in now. Without proper SEO analysis, it is difficult to decide what needs to be improved, what can be left for later and what is urgent to repair or change.

  1. Planning

It might sound like there are so many steps before we’re starting work, the process will be delayed forever, but what actually happens if you follow all these stages is to reduce the time estimate because you know what to expect and have all the details about the site. Planning is crucial, and it helps both the client and the SEO company get an idea about timeframes and next steps. Complete transparency will ensure a long lasting partnership.

  1. Implementation

You have just come to the time of actually doing the work. It should be easy as by know you should have all the details and should know exactly what needs to be done and when. This is when the SEO company starts to do its magic and when the client should be patient as the results will soon be visible.

  1. Measurable results

If you were careful enough to set up smart objectives, to measure, the results should be a piece of cake for an SEO expert. Monitoring it is essential once the implementation stage is over as it will give you valuable input about how the SEO campaign is going and if any changes are required.

It might sound like a lot of work, but following these golden rules of SEO practices will lead you to the best SEO strategy for your site.

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4 Frequent and Costly SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimization becomes more and more important with each year that passes. Many people are looking for products and services by starting a Google search and if your site is not on the first page if not among the first results, the chances to be found by potential customers are dropping exponentially. Here we have prepared for you a few tips and tricks on how to avoid the most frequent SEO mistakes that can cost you a better ranking and even the success of your online business.

1. Not having a specific list of keywords

First and foremost you need to decide what are the keywords that can be associated with your business or your site. Choosing wisely those keywords can save you time and money in the long run. Too generic keywords will drive traffic to your site, but if your business is targeting local customers, you might get visitors and only a few potential clients. Also if the keywords are not an exact match with what you have to offer on your site, it might drive traffic but have a huge bounce rate as the visitors will not find what they are looking for. So you will need a list of keywords that are suitable for your site and then you need to make sure the keywords can be found everywhere on the site: titles, descriptions, page content and meta tags. We are not suggesting keyword stuffing, but a common sense approach that will pay off in the long run. As this is a very important step for every SEO strategy, it is best to ask help from an SEO specialist.

2. Not having a content calendar

Posting content from time to time when you get new stock or have an announcement to make is just not enough anymore. The algorithm used by the search engines takes into consideration how often do you post new content to your site and puts more value on a site that offers fresh content weekly or even daily. It is also important to remember that copy paste content won’t be appreciated neither by Google nor by your visitors and that quality is always the king. The content needs to be relevant to your site and also appealing to the visitors.

3. Not having meta tags

Meta tags and tags, in general, can be very useful and efficient tools for search engine optimization but most of the times they are not used at all. Many site owners don’t know about them or consider them less important hence not making a better use of them. Creating page titles, meta descriptions and tags for the articles is important and will add value to your site. This will also give you the opportunity to use the keywords.

4. Not having a user-friendly site

A good content and link structure, as well as responsive design, is a good recipe for online success. Not having any of these will have a negative impact on your site’s performance. The user needs to have easy access to the content, and they also appreciate easy checkout process. People don’t like wasting time on trying to find what they are looking for, so if your site has a logical and easy to follow structure, you will be able to convert many of the visitors in clients.

SEO is not an easy task, but it is essential for any online business. If you need help in designing your SEO strategy, our experts are here for you. Just give us a call today for a quote!

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