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How to Do SEO in 2015

SEO techniques have changed radically over the last few years, especially after the Google Panda update in 2014. Many site owners and so called SEO strategists are now overly preoccupied with future changes in google’s algorithm, while real SEO experts know that if you have a strong plan and good user policies there is nothing to worry about.

Here are some of our suggestions for SEO in 2015: how to do it the right way for long lasting results:

Good quality content

Forget about keyword stuffing every paragraph you publish. The end user doesn’t appreciate this kind of texts and Google won’t do it either. Forget about copy pasting just for the sake of having some content. This is a good time to remember you need to put some effort into it: the site needs good quality content. More than this, it needs to be fresh and consistent. We know sometimes it is a struggle to find the time to post on your blog or your site, but we can provide this service for you. It is affordable and it will ensure your site stays high in the search results so call us today for a quote. Keyword density should come naturally if your content is of the highest quality possible. Writing in a conversational manner will also help you score high.

Get organic links

If your content is as good as we advise you to make it, then people will want to share it. This will give you organic links and they are very important if you want to get to that first page in google results. Lately google has spent a lot of time modifying its algorithm in order to make it impossible for people to use links to manipulate it for better SERP. Avoid penalties by monitoring your links at all times.

Use social media networks

Even if you are running a B2B company, you still need to be out there on the social media sites. Google Plus, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram… there are so many of them, it is impossible not to find one to suit your business profile and needs. To be active and start communities on all of them can be a costly operation, both in terms of time and other resources, so choose carefully what sites you include in your marketing mix. If you need help, call the social media experts (That would be us, of course!).

Get people to talk about you

In appreciate words, of course! And online! This will give you a good online reputation that is also valuable for search engine optimization purposes! Find some brand ambassadors for your site, invite bloggers to test and write about your products or services, all while making sure you provide your clients with the best online experience ever.

Ask a specialist for advice

Each site has its own issues and strengths, sometimes you, as owner, think you know what it is about, other times it’s difficult even for a specialist to see what’s wrong or what can be improved for better results. Our recommendation is to always ask a specialist for advice when it comes to SEO. Our company can help you grow your business, get new clients and increase sales. Just because we have the know-how. Don’t waste any more time and call us today!

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