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5 Tips to Write Blog Posts that Attract Attention

The main purpose of a blog, be it attached to an online shop, a site or on its own is to attract as many visitors as possible. Once the traffic target is achieved, the owner can focus on turning the visitors into clients or making money from advertising on the blog. So the blog posts you publish are very important for your marketing strategy. They need to stand out, attract attention and convert.

5 Tips to write blogs that attract attention:

Find a hot topic for your blog post

Probably the easiest way to find interesting topics to write about for your visitors is to check the sites they read. If you know enough about your audience, then you should also know what sites they usually visit. Once you have found your topic, you can run a google search on it and check the results on the first page. This way you will see how others are discussing the issue, and you might even come up with an approach for your blog post.

Find the perfect title

You must have found yourself clicking on sensational titles just to see what the article is about. Most of the times, the titles are all the visitors are seeing, so make sure it is perfect so the visitors will click on it to read the rest of the blog post. Listicle type blog posts have been very hot for quite some time now, so if your title starts with “5 ways to…” or “Top 10…” then you might be on to a great start of a blog post. Titles that have a strong negative “Never do this” or “Don’t even think about…” are just as good. You can also use question titles to attract attention like “Who is the one…?” or “How to…?”.

Find pictures and videos to illustrate the blog post

Visual elements are appealing to most visitors and also make it easier for them to read the blog post, so don’t hesitate to illustrate each and every one of your blog posts with high-quality photos, videos or infographics.

Find a celebrity and make a connection to your blog post

So you are writing about veneers for a dental clinic, it should be easy to make reference to some celebrities who obviously have them. Just as well, you can say something like “How about Angelina Jolie’s teeth, aren’t they something?”. Of course, it is important to keep a balance and not overdo it.

Find a way to make it easier for the visitors to share it on social media

You can have your social media buttons in the header, footer or anywhere near the text, just make sure they are all there so the visitors can share the blog post once they are done reading it. To trigger this you can end your blog post with an invitation, a question or a request to share their experience on the topic, for example.

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5 Topics to Write About on The Company’s Blog

As we have already mentioned before, the company’s blog is an extremely efficient tool to promote the company both in front of partners and clients. But many people don’t understand the necessity of having a professional writing for the company’s blog, hence the content is most of the times lacking in any interesting information that people would really like to read. Most people just don’t know yet what they need to write about on the company’s blog, how to write it and, most importantly, the topics to write about.

Here is a list of some topics to write on the company’s blog:

New projects, campaign or services

We’re not suggesting you should copy paste the press release on the company’s blog, actually far from us the thought. The recommendation would be to discuss the new project, products, services and even advertising campaigns with your clients or potential clients on the blog to make them feel involved in the brand development.

Solutions to their problems

Your clients must be interested in finding out solutions to their problems. For example, if you sell clothes online, use the blog to write about how to wear, how to mix and match, etc. If you sell auto parts, write about issues with certain brands and also how to’s. If you are in the SEO business, as we are, we are offering them tips and tricks and ideas to improve their businesses.

Industry trends

To behave like you are the only one on the market can be counterproductive sometimes, so we don’t really recommend it. Instead, you can write about industry trends and what others are doing with the purpose of offering your readers and clients important information that is valuable to them.


Well, yes, this is not really a topic to write about, but you can have an infographic instead of a page of content. People prefer to read content in this manner as it is easier for them to go through it.

Success stories

Everybody appreciates a good success story. We are not talking about testimonials here, but about how others have become more successful or made more money, fame or something else by using your products or services. It is inspiring so if you can do this; it’s a great topic for the company’s blog.

Your site is the image of your business, and the blog is the voice of it, so you should always make sure you discuss topics that are bringing added value to the reader. If you need help with the publishing calendar for your blog, contact us today!

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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Blog

The blog is no longer news for those who have an online business, although not everyone is fully aware of its advantages and the benefits it can bring to the company.

Before anything else, a quick tip about the structure of the URL for the blog: the company’s blog should be domain/blog, this way the content posted here will be related and a part of the site. A blog that looks like blog.domain doesn’t bring the same search engine optimization benefits to a site as Google tends to treat subdomains as separate sites.

5 Reasons to have a blog:


Since we have already mentioned how a blog can be beneficial for search engine optimization purposes, we will start with this. The posts on your blog should be relevant to the niche of the site; it is very important not to mix up a personal blog with a company blog. Each blog post on your blog can generate a long tail type of traffic, covering more searches from your area or domain. Before making the publishing calendar for your blog, make sure you do a keyword research to see what you can target.

Improved customer relationship

Are you selling a product or a service? Educate your potential clients about the benefits of using it. More than this, you can follow our example and offer your clients an added value: our blog posts are aimed to help our clients improve their business.

Increased online visibility

If your blog posts are good enough, they will get shared a lot on social media channels. And this will tell a story about your company and can even turn you into an authority in your field. Don’t we all want this for our business?

Easy access to customer feedback

Yes, you will say that you can do this on the social media accounts, and it is entirely true. But when the clients leave feedback on your site, you control how visible it is and how long it will stay online, this way giving other potential clients the opportunity to see it before it disappears from the news feed. Here you can ask your visitors to send feedback about an idea or a project, a new service or product.

Brand recognition

Your loyal clients already know the details about you, but there are other potential clients that will want to know what you do and what are your values before engaging with you or making a purchase from you. Talk about your projects and future plans on the blog so people will get to know you and make your brand easy to recognize offline.

How do you use your blog? How often do you publish posts? Give us a call today if you need help with your company’s blog.

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid when Writing the Company’s Blog

Nobody cares about your products and services except you and the others in your organization. What your buyers do care about are themselves. And they care a great deal about solving their problems (and are always on the lookout for a company that can help them do so), says David Meerman Scott, famous marketing strategist.

Indeed, as in any other cases, customers need 2 things (surprise: also applicable when reading a company’s blog):

  • solutions to their problems, preferably for free or at a convenient price

Advice #1: blogging is about caring. If you care, you help. If you want to help then you can think of blogging.

  • good time and high quality information, not marketing and sales

Advice #2: stop pitching and selling on the company’s blog.

The company’s blog should be a useful tool for both the customer and the business: it should help the first to keep the second in the market. And the only proven way to keep a business alive is by being helpful. Any other strategy will bring the business to death sooner or later.

Would you like to build a great company blog? There are plenty things to do, but first things first: here are 5 critical pitfalls to avoid:


  1. Writing about your products and services thus constantly pushing your marketing message and efforts. The company’s blog should not be an extension of your website, but a tool to sustain it and to show the readers you care. As a matter of fact, today, the blog is one of the most powerful tools to engage and spread knowledge.
  1. Not helping others. Blogging is about being social, is about caring and helping. Selling, profits, turnover or anything related to money are not parts of the value proposition here. Do you want to sell? Show your strategist talents and your overwhelming copy on your website and in your stores. These are the places to welcome your customers. Unfortunately, too many blogs are focused on selling. Build your own adding value to life.
  1. Not having an editorial calendar with topics and deadlines thus a constant presence. Even as a blogger, you have to be organized. Indeed, you are more of an artist then a science man, but remember even the greatest writers had a rigorous planning and daily schedule. There are plenty of useful templates of editorial calendars on the Internet. Pick one, organize your next week, start writing and publish.
  1. Not having an authentic voice. Excellent copy means authenticity, and clear tone of voice. Sadly, many blogs prefer a dull voice, without personality, or just to copy others. On the other hand, not everyone is a talented writer with online experience. A good idea is to attend some writing courses or have a freelance writer. Either way, be original.
  1. Not putting yourself in the place of your reader. This is maybe the most common problem in marketing and communication as well. Being too much in love with your product and being insanely stubborn in selling it. Everybody knows you need to sell, but not everybody is ready to “read” your message all over the place. A great blog is about your customer, not about your product. What would your customer like to read? Definitely not another sales pitch.

When starting thinking about the company’s blog, first of all think that you will meet your readers, not your customers. Then the writing will flow naturally.

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