Google Plus

Google Plus for Business

We have already talked about the importance of posting on different social media sites, at different time intervals and in a way that is suitable for every site. Even if we call them all “social media sites,” each and every one of them has its own specifics, a set of… read more share this

Facebook Strategy

Facebook Strategy for 2016

Over the last years Facebook has seen an immense development; still many brands make mistakes that could be avoided easily. To mention only a few of those mistakes: they don’t have a constant presence on the social media channel, their posts are not backed up by a proper online content… read more share this

content marketing

Content Marketing versus Copywriting

Most of the time we will use content marketing and copywriting in the same context, and this might create confusion to those who are not very familiar with the topics. This misunderstanding can be easily seen when reading job descriptions; there are plenty of companies that would post a job… read more share this

5 tips

5 Tips to Write Blog Posts that Attract Attention

The main purpose of a blog, be it attached to an online shop, a site or on its own is to attract as many visitors as possible. Once the traffic target is achieved, the owner can focus on turning the visitors into clients or making money from advertising on the… read more share this

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