How to Turn Visitors

How to Turn Visitors into Facebook Fans I

If you want to use the best methods to draw attention to your business and create online visibility, a website, and a Facebook page is the perfect association that you can find. Social media promotion activities have become an important factor that influences the site’s ranking in Google search results.… read more share this

5 Things to Avoid

5 Things to Avoid Doing on Social Media

Whether we like it or not, social media has become an important part of our lives. The digital revolution changed both the way people interact as well as brand’s communication strategies. In most cases it is only a question of having the right attitude that makes the difference in between… read more share this

site speed

Site Loading Speed and SEO II

Here is more about how the loading speed can affect SEO and what we can do to prevent a negative impact. The influence of page loading speed on SEO Each and every site will have its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to SEO. To get the best results out… read more share this

Site Speed and SEO

Site Loading Speed and SEO I

All site owners are looking for a good ranking in search engines; this is one of the main goals as with it comes more site visitors that can be turned into clients. It is no longer enough just to have a site, now we all need a good marketing plan… read more share this

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