Elementary SEO rules

Elementary SEO Rules

Each and every page on your site should have a unique title, description and keywords. Even so, not all pages are the same. When considering SEO rules, a good title should fulfill certain conditions like the ones mentioned below: -   The limit for the title is 70 characters; spaces included;… read more share this

5 Reasons Eshops

4 Reasons E-shops Go Out of Business

Most people who start an online shop will go out of business in less than a year. The vast majority of the ones who survive that first year will close the business during the second year. There are few fortunate cases that will manage to stay the course and turn… read more share this

What is the ROI for SEO

What is the ROI for SEO?

ROI is what we all want when it comes to advertising or SEO or any activity that requires us to put money towards something hoping it will make more money in the future. ROI is what all clients want from an SEO specialized company and something that not many can… read more share this

The Most Efficient Youtube II

The Most Efficient Promotion Methods on YouTube.com II

We continue here with the most effective promotion methods on YouTube.com. Here are three more strategies to follow: Optimization of the viral content If we have decided to post our commercial spots on this media channel, it is important to benefit from its relation to the most popular search engine.… read more share this

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