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Do you know that saying “less is more”? You can only imagine that these words are not about the web pages as when it comes to the number of pages that relate to the domain of your site, more means always better, especially when you are doing search engine optimization.

Nowadays people rarely reach your site by writing down the name of your domain, even if they know exactly your site, and it is their final destination. Most people will go to Google first, then get to you. If you want as many visitors as possible on your site, you should consider offering them more entry ways. And not only more, but also in different shapes and sizes.

If you find our analogy with the entry way – the door- as we call it strange, let’s get more specific. Let’s suppose you have a great page on your site – the homepage. Then you add pages like About Us, Contact, How to reach us. These are three more doors to your site. How about adding some more now? Depending on the specifics of your site you can add up to 9 pages as main categories of your site and even more as subcategories and landing pages.

Now how about a weekly blog connected to your site? This will certainly add more doors and also offer the visitors a greater variety of content. Pages like Photo Gallery pose a great appeal to visitors as we are all more interested in seeing results rather than reading about them.

All these pages can considerably improve your chances to a better position in Google’s ranking.

If you still have issues finding the motivation to build a lot more web content, you can try these tips and tricks to see what your competitors are doing to be found online:

  1. Search Google for the keywords you want people to find your site;
  2. Write down the sites that show up above your site in the search results generated;
  3. Now try a new Google search using this string: “site:mycompetitor.com” (mycompetitor.com should be replaced by the domain name of the site of your competitors);
  4. On the top of the page, you will see how many results Google found for that domain.

Do your competitors have more pages than you? Now it is the time to check the content of these pages to give you an idea about the content you can add to your site.

You can use the same string to search how many pages you have on your site according to Google and be inspired to create more. If you have a website, and you want to do as many things as possible to optimize the content for search engines, you should consider an essential tool, and that is SEO (search engine optimization).


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