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Is SEO Worth the Money?

For the last few years, Google seems to be determined to make the SEO people work harder and harder. This was when we started hearing opinions like “SEO is dead, long live Social Media” or “I don’t really need SEO as I have a strong offline brand”. This is why we felt the need to discuss this issue in more depth.

As long as the search engines exist and they are the easiest and accessible way for people to search, find and get what they need online, SEO is worth the money.

Even if Google changes the rules of the game, the purpose of this technique will always remain the same: to make the products and services more accessible to users. The people who will do their job well will adapt and will continue to achieve great results, whatever the number of the updates of Google’s algorithm.

The fact that SEO is an important part of the marketing strategy and less of a promotion method on its own is a completely different story.

It is not enough to have a site if people don’t get to buy from you or if you don’t get the most out of the site’s potential.

Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t work this way. It is like you would spend money to print brochures and leaflets only to leave them in a drawer. Your effort won’t mean a thing if you don’t start distributing them to increase the visibility and generate conversions. The same is true for your online business.

There is an astonishing big number of sites that look absolutely fabulous, but nobody finds them or visits them or buys from them. This is not the purpose of the site, to just look pretty and be online.

Without site promotion, no online business will be successful. There is a joke that went viral about this: “There is no better place to hide a body than Google’s second page of results”. And it is true…

The Internet has billions of sites, and the number grows every day. The competition is fierce, and every single business fights hard to become a brand online and to attract more customers. It is mandatory for a site to reach its target audience. Just remember, if you don’t do it, your competition will.

What’s the role of SEO in site promotion?

In an age when direct communication between brands and potential clients becomes vital, the marketing methods have changed dramatically. Considering the fact that in each home there is a device that connects to the internet, people nowadays have become more and more selective with the products they are using or with the services they pay for. They will look for references to certain businesses before making a purchase. People will talk, look for reviews and join certain communities on the basis of personal preferences. They won’t accept the intrusion of the brands without a critical eye and without filtering the information they receive.

And this is why SEO is worth the money. Because it will get your site closer to the target audience and help you get their trust and drive more sales.

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