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How to Create a Site with a Maximum SEO Potential

Usually, we are talking about site optimization for search engines once the site is up and running, but a more efficient method to do this is by setting up a strong foundation even since you are creating the site and the design. Here are a few important factors to consider if you want a site that is both useful for the visitors and has a good optimization for search engines:

The URL structure

When you decide on the structure of the URL to use for your site, it is essential to make sure that it indicates in a precise way the subject of the content on your site. This means that the URL needs to be static and descriptive, containing relevant keywords that will help the search engines and the visitors to understand what that specific page has to offer.

When you want a URL to contain more words, the standard usually requires using the “-“ more than the underscore, and this is also Google’s recommendation. Avoid including numbers or other terms and irrelevant characters. A simple URL that illustrates the focus point of the content on the page will be the best choice.

The navigation bar

It is ideal for the navigation structure to be simple and efficient as for the user to be able to get where he needs to be in less than three clicks. Usually, most sites will have the navigation menu on the upper site of the page or vertically on the left side of the page. Even if others will choose a different page setting for the navigation bar, the studies in the field demonstrate that these positions work the best. Flyout or dropdown type of navigation menus are more pretentious and need to be structured carefully as they present a higher risk of navigation difficulties.

The number of the categories in the menu shouldn’t be more than 7 in order to eliminate redundancies and prevent a difficult navigation. If you need more items in your navigation menu, try adding subcategories to the categories to organize better the content.

Responsive design

You will want users coming from different devices, including mobile ones, to be able to browse your site and enjoy the functionalities. This is why your site must have a responsive design. Make sure you turn this into a number one priority since more and more visits come from mobile devices every day.

Optimization of the images

If your site is an e-commerce platform that sells products, the only possibility to benefit from a maximum SEO potential is to optimize the pictures.

When configuring the design for the site, you must make sure that the images are uploaded at the minimum dimension that will offer the best visual experience. Usually this is about 20-100 kb. It is essential to choose an option that will not have a negative impact on the site’s loading speed because this aspect is usually associated with a big bounce rate and an unpleasant experience for the users.

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