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Google Plus for Business

We have already talked about the importance of posting on different social media sites, at different time intervals and in a way that is suitable for every site. Even if we call them all “social media sites,” each and every one of them has its own specifics, a set of rules and best practices, as well as suggestions and recommendations from the experts. Considering these is the first step in achieving success with our social media marketing campaign.

Just like the site and the blog, the social media profile is an essential part of our company’s online identity that we are trying to promote. It is important not to copy paste everything from one site to the Google + account (and the same goes for the other social media accounts too). As each site is different, for each of them we will need to create new visual elements that will be able to attract attention is a way that is suitable for that site. At the same time, if you want potential clients to follow more than one of your social media accounts, you will need to give them different content and provide unique experiences on each of those sites.

So, how do we use Google Plus for business?

Create your company’s page on google+

Make sure you choose the correct category for your brand and add all the information required (name, site, age restrictions, etc.). In the next page, you will need to introduce the tag, motto, short description of your company, the phone number, and e-mail address. Make sure you keep the tag line short, you can use approximately ten words.

Personalize your google+ company’s page

Next step would be to add a cover photo and edit the About section. Don’t miss any sections on your page, a complete profile is always inspiring more trust than a half completed one. But, at the same time, remember what we discussed before and don’t even be tempted to copy-paste texts from your site or other social media accounts. Ask for the help of a copywriter or a social media expert to help with the texts if you feel that you lack in creativity. You will write those texts just once, and it is crucial they represent your company in the best possible way.

Use the design to promote your products or services

There is nothing wrong to use advertising materials as cover photos, just make sure the design will look appealing to your followers. Don’t forget to add your company’s logo and a call to action. As it is the case with everything else on the social media channels, remember that moderation is the key to success, so don’t overdo it with the advertising.

Start posting on google+

Once you are pleased with the google+ page you created for your company, you can start posting. Of course, a publishing calendar will come in handy, and it will help you maintain the consistency required.

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