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Getting the Wow Factor in Twitter Marketing

Twitter is an odd beast, if you think about it. Not so long ago if someone had suggested to, well, anyone that they should be using a public messaging service that required you to keep every message under 140 characters, not words, most people would have scoffed – and yet here we are. Not only do millions of people use Twitter, but thousands of businesses head out to the Internet from Scottsdale Arizona to New York, New York every day to try and use Twitter’s platform for their own marketing purposes.


If you’re one of those business, you may be finding Twitter a hard nut to crack. The signal-to-noise ratio might seem insurmountable. Take heart – there are a few simple strategies you can employ that will get the ball rolling for you. Here’s the short guide to getting to the Wow on Twitter.

Choose Your C

Tweets for marketing come down to three main purposes: Creation, Curation, or Communication:

  • Creation: You sculpt the ideal 140-character tweet and send it out for your Followers to re-tweet, share, and favourite.
  • Curation: You didn’t actually create the content, but you’re spreading the word to Scottsdale Arizona and beyond.
  • Communication: You’re letting your Followers, customers, and potential customers know about something of interest to them.

You can bounce from one ‘C’ to another, but the trick is to always know which category your tweet falls into, and ensure it fulfils that purpose.


Get to the Point

The best advice you’ll ever get when it comes to tweeting is to get to the point: You might think there’s no way to lose the thread in a 140-character tweet, but even in these short communications people’s attention will wander if you don’t jump on it with both feet. Make sure your tweets have a ‛hook’ that will grab attention right away.

Once is Not Enough


Finally, after slaving away to craft the ideal 140-character tweet, don’t waste it by sending it out once and being done with it. Whether your audience is in Scottsdale Arizona, Tokyo, or all points in-between, you should be repeating that tweet a few times during the day. The reason is simple: People don’t spend all their time staring at their Twitter feed. They check it, scroll through some recent ones, and pay close attention to specific accounts – but it’s very easy to miss a tweet if you’re not paying attention.

By tweeting a few times a day, you increase your chances of having all of your Followers see the tweet. Put a few hours between repetitions, and treat each tweet like a mini-campaign lasting a few days, tweeting it out at different times. This way you can guarantee decent coverage.

Twitter isn’t some arcane science that takes years to master – all it takes, really, is some creativity, focus, and dedication. Pick your category, craft your tweet, and push it energetically and you’ll see results in time if you keep putting the right level of energy into your campaigns.

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