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The Most Efficient Youtube II

The Most Efficient Promotion Methods on YouTube.com II

We continue here with the most effective promotion methods on YouTube.com. Here are three more strategies to follow: Optimization of the viral content If we have decided to post our commercial spots on this media channel, it is important to benefit from its relation to the most popular search engine.… read more share this


video marketing_header

The Importance of Video Marketing in Social Media

Everybody knows by now that social media users don’t enjoy reading long texts. More than this, most of the times they avoid it by all means, even moving on to other pages. How do we know this for sure? Well, aside from studies and research, we have all done it…… read more share this



Going Clear: Using Video Marketing and Promotion

We can all think of examples of truly awful local television commercials – the local car dealership with their terrible graphics and stiff acting, or the local hair salon with public domain classical music playing over poorly-lit scenes of women getting their hair done. These commercials may be effective at… read more share this

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