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SEO trends

SEO Trends that Have an Impact on the Traffic

If you have a good position in SERP (search engine results pages), you will need to maintain it and in order to do so, you will need to be proactive and respond promptly to the changes in the industry, focusing on the trends. If you think about it, every time… read more share this


SEO money

Is SEO Worth the Money?

For the last few years, Google seems to be determined to make the SEO people work harder and harder. This was when we started hearing opinions like “SEO is dead, long live Social Media” or “I don’t really need SEO as I have a strong offline brand”. This is why… read more share this



Basic Rules for a Successful SEO Campaign

To drive an SEO campaign that will deliver excellent results, you need to consider the main objective of the search engines: to ensure the most relevant results possible. To achieve this, Google uses hundreds of different factors to position the sites at the top of the ranking. An SEO campaign… read more share this


How to create a site with a maximum

How to Create a Site with a Maximum SEO Potential

Usually, we are talking about site optimization for search engines once the site is up and running, but a more efficient method to do this is by setting up a strong foundation even since you are creating the site and the design. Here are a few important factors to consider… read more share this

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