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How to: the Logo

When you look at a site that has turned into a brand over the years and consider their logo it might not seem as much. Many would comment that anyone could do it, there’s nothing difficult or challenging or unique to it. Still, there are so few sites with memorable… read more share this



Visual identity

It makes no difference if we’re talking about an offline business or one that is exclusively online, the visual identity of the brand is just as necessary in both cases and has elements of both print and web design. First of all, what is visual identity? You might have heard… read more share this



Design for Credibility: How to Fight a High Bounce Rate

We must have mentioned this before a few thousand times but we will do it again, just to make sure: the design of your website is very important to build credibility. It is a well-known fact that the first impression is important and it is just the same things with… read more share this


web design

One Web Design Trend to Ignore, and One to Jump On

Design in every aspect of life reflects the culture beneath it – influencing and being influenced in turn in a cycle of creative and productive trends. The only thing that’s certain about design in every field is that what’s hot and modern today will be cold and old-fashioned tomorrow. That… read more share this

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