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More content more visitors

More Content. More Visitors. More Buyers

Do you know that saying “less is more”? You can only imagine that these words are not about the web pages as when it comes to the number of pages that relate to the domain of your site, more means always better, especially when you are doing search engine optimization.… read more share this


content marketing

Content Marketing versus Copywriting

Most of the time we will use content marketing and copywriting in the same context, and this might create confusion to those who are not very familiar with the topics. This misunderstanding can be easily seen when reading job descriptions; there are plenty of companies that would post a job… read more share this


5 tips

5 Tips to Write Blog Posts that Attract Attention

The main purpose of a blog, be it attached to an online shop, a site or on its own is to attract as many visitors as possible. Once the traffic target is achieved, the owner can focus on turning the visitors into clients or making money from advertising on the… read more share this



5 Topics to Write About on The Company’s Blog

As we have already mentioned before, the company’s blog is an extremely efficient tool to promote the company both in front of partners and clients. But many people don’t understand the necessity of having a professional writing for the company’s blog, hence the content is most of the times lacking… read more share this

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