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5 Tips to Write Blog Posts that Attract Attention

The main purpose of a blog, be it attached to an online shop, a site or on its own is to attract as many visitors as possible. Once the traffic target is achieved, the owner can focus on turning the visitors into clients or making money from advertising on the blog. So the blog posts you publish are very important for your marketing strategy. They need to stand out, attract attention and convert.

5 Tips to write blogs that attract attention:

Find a hot topic for your blog post

Probably the easiest way to find interesting topics to write about for your visitors is to check the sites they read. If you know enough about your audience, then you should also know what sites they usually visit. Once you have found your topic, you can run a google search on it and check the results on the first page. This way you will see how others are discussing the issue, and you might even come up with an approach for your blog post.

Find the perfect title

You must have found yourself clicking on sensational titles just to see what the article is about. Most of the times, the titles are all the visitors are seeing, so make sure it is perfect so the visitors will click on it to read the rest of the blog post. Listicle type blog posts have been very hot for quite some time now, so if your title starts with “5 ways to…” or “Top 10…” then you might be on to a great start of a blog post. Titles that have a strong negative “Never do this” or “Don’t even think about…” are just as good. You can also use question titles to attract attention like “Who is the one…?” or “How to…?”.

Find pictures and videos to illustrate the blog post

Visual elements are appealing to most visitors and also make it easier for them to read the blog post, so don’t hesitate to illustrate each and every one of your blog posts with high-quality photos, videos or infographics.

Find a celebrity and make a connection to your blog post

So you are writing about veneers for a dental clinic, it should be easy to make reference to some celebrities who obviously have them. Just as well, you can say something like “How about Angelina Jolie’s teeth, aren’t they something?”. Of course, it is important to keep a balance and not overdo it.

Find a way to make it easier for the visitors to share it on social media

You can have your social media buttons in the header, footer or anywhere near the text, just make sure they are all there so the visitors can share the blog post once they are done reading it. To trigger this you can end your blog post with an invitation, a question or a request to share their experience on the topic, for example.

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