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5 Social Media Tips to Get Your Business Noticed

Nowadays the competition for customers’ attention is growing fiercer with each month that passes by. It doesn’t even matter what channel or site we’re talking about, be it Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, marketing specialists, company owners and content creators are trying to get more audience for their brands, more visitors that hopefully will convert into more clients.

It’s not an easy task to start a social media account today and get noticed on the market, but it is essential for your business. Whatever your company’s domain might be, everyone (from end customers to business partners and strategic clients) are looking for information online. And you need to be out there, talking and engaging with them, building a good online reputation and answering their questions and demands.

In order to get your business noticed online you’ll need time, patience and money. The amount for each is related to how you want to do things: if you’ll want to pay less, it will take more time and the results are not guaranteed. If you choose to work with a professional team, like us, the cost is very affordable, it won’t take a long time and the results are guaranteed. Why? Because we have the know-how and we are willing to share some of it with you.

Here are some social media tips and tricks to get your business noticed online:

1. Know you audience

This is a critical step in your social media strategy: knowing your audience. Why is it important? In order to communicate efficiently with your fans and followers and to attract them to like your page, you need to know who they are and how you can find them. You need to know how to talk to them so they will want to relate to your company. Most of the times an informal, friendly voice is preferred to a more formal conversation, but it all depends on the brand and core target.

2. Create a social media strategy

Now you know who your audience is and how to address it, next step would be to see where you can find it. Maybe not all social media channels are right for your business and you should focus on just one or two, at least to begin with.

3. Be consistent

Today you have maybe 3 interesting ideas worth posting on facebook, but then you’ll be quiet for 3 weeks. If this is allowed on your personal account as your friends and family understand, on a company’s social media account, consistency is the key. It is essential to be there for them every day and give them something interesting to read regularly. This is why a true digital marketing specialist will have a calendar for posting before even opening an account on the social media sites.

4. Choose quality over quantity

So your social media calendar says you need to post at least 3 times per day and so you do. But what do you post? Is your content fresh and fascinating? Are you giving your fans and followers something interesting every day or just the same old things they can find anywhere online? Does your content make the audience engage with you? Because this is when you know you have good quality to back up your social media strategy.

5. Engage with your audience

Being active on a social media platform implies more than posting every day or every week. Engaging with your fans and followers is the key to success, have them talking about you, ask questions and answer theirs, get to know them and allow them to get to know your company.

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