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3 Essential Elements to Consider When Creating a New Site II

Here are the rest of the elements that you need to check when having a new site created.

2. Visible brand related information

There will be visitors coming to your site after a Google search, and the first thing they need to find out (aside from relevant content to their search) is who you are and what do you do. Your company’s identity should be visible, should inspire trust and should be available on every page. Here we talk, of course, about the logo.

Some designers get very creative when starting a new site, especially if they feel that the client will be pleased to see and out of the box approach to design. But when considering the logo, it is important to place it where people are used to seen it, and this usually means the upper left corner or in the middle of the header. If your logo is placed somewhere else or is too small in size, the user can get confused. Creativity should never take the place of usability when it comes to important matters like this is.

Aside from the logo, there is another brand related information that should be readily available to the visitors. An About Us page with details about who you are, what you do, what your values and mission are is an absolute must when considering a new site. While you might think no one is interested in reading all those details, they are crucial to building trust.

Since we’re talking about branding now, the homepage is an element that should be designed with consideration for this purpose too. While not all your visitors will get to see the homepage, it all needs to tell a story about your company and why they should trust you and buy from you. The homepage should send a clear message to the visitors so try to keep it simple.

You (or the designer) might be tempted to fit everything on that first page, but if this leads to a page that will take 5 minutes to scroll through, you just have to give up on that idea. The experts recommend that the homepage should be all about what the user sees within the first 5 seconds. It’s that first impression that counts, everybody knows this!

While we’re discussing trust, you need to know what information about the company should be visible on all pages. Links to shipping and delivery, contact us, about us, returns, our team, testimonials, the name of the company, etc. should be placed in the footer of every page. This gives you credibility, and it builds towards trust. More than this, it will help the user reach to the information he wants quickly.

For contact details, setting up just a contact form is not advisable, give the user more options like your address, phone number, a google map anything that you know it will help him get to you or get to know you better.

Stay tuned as next week we’ll come back with a new article with the third element to consider when creating a new site!

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