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3 Essential Elements to Consider When Creating a New Site I

Every week we have new clients requesting a new site, although some of them already have a site for their online business. What are the reasons behind their request? Some sites have been made years ago and don’t have responsive design, others just don’t like the look of their site anymore, others would want a site that has new options, like their competition has and there are also quite a few that need a new site as the old one does not search engine optimized at all and it would be easier to create a new site than do SEO for the old one.

Whatever their reasons might be, we have noticed that it is difficult for some of them to know exactly what to expect and what to look for in a new site.

When choosing a web development company, some would only consider the price factor while others would struggle to evaluate offers properly. For us, it is important to teach our clients to be able to check and evaluate the result (the new site) by using objective criteria. We want the new site to help them attract more business just as much as they want it. This is why we prepared an article to help them evaluate a site. When these elements are met, you have the guarantee that your site will be able to attract visitors and convert them to customers.

3 essential elements to consider when creating a new site

The elements we are going to talk about cover many dimensions that are crucial for a site: accessibility, branding, navigation and content and they are all paramount.

1. The design

When evaluating the design of the new site you have to look first at the size of the font and character spacing. There are sites that people just don’t have the patience to read as the small font is too small and the characters seem crowded. The ability to read the text will also be affected by the text/ background contrast.

If you can read the text without any efforts and your eyes are not bothered at all by the colors or anything else, you are on the right track. But if you have even the smallest issue with reading the text, then change the design at once. It is not fair to expect your visitors to make extra efforts just to read your site.

Remember that different computers have different resolutions and color schemes, so check the design on several computers and mobile devices before agreeing on the design.

Another important part of the design is how it looks on mobile devices. While we don’t think mobile versions for the site should be developed separately, we do believe in responsive designs that will look good on mobile too.

Although it might be considered a part of the design or not, the loading time is another element to look for. Flash application might make it take longer for a site to load, so avoid them if possible.

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